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Omega Tool
Deep Drawn Enclosures

General Information

Standard enclosure tolerances
Length, width, and trim height:
Dimensions up to
6" + .02"
6" to 24" + .03"
over 24" + .06"

Closer tolerances on trim heights can be provided on special order at additional costs.
Note: Width and length are measured at point of tangency between bottom radius (R1) and side (R2).

Draw marks, small scratches and minor scuffing is inherent in drawn boxes. For a scratch free finish on exterior of boxes, secondary operations must be specified.

Material Thickness
Thickness shown is the nominal dimension of the blank before drawing. Actual wall thickness of an average OMEGA box is normally 80% of more of the nominal blank thickness. This is dependent on depth of draw, number of draws and net blank thickness (a variable within mill tolerances).

Commercial Line -- Bow Tolerances
Bowing or "oil canning" may occur in the base of any side of a deep drawn box, particularly when multiple drawing operations are performed. The following tolerances for this bow condition are additive to basic dimensional tolerances:
Basic Size (2) Maximum Bow (1)
Up to 6" 0.03"
Over 6" to 12" 0.06"
Over 12" 0.12"

Note(1)- The bow condition will be checked by placing a straight edge across the tangent points of the corner radii of the side or bottom of the box, and measuring the maximum deviation from the straight edge to the surface of the metal. This applies to either a concave or convex condition.

Note(2)- The basic size refers to the box width or length. The maximum allowable bow will be determined by the larger of the two dimensions for any given side and by the smaller of the two dimensions for the bottom.

Quality Control Program
In order to maintain our consistently high level of quality and precision workmanship, our quality control procedures have been designed to comply with the inspection standards of Military Specifications MIL-I-45208.

Ordering Information
Round, Square & Rectangle boxes are produced from deep draw tooling created by Omega Tool, that ensures consistency. Available in any height to maximum dimensions shown. Deeper cans available with a tool service charge.

Key to Dimensions
Note: W and L are measured at points of tangency. Width, length, and height are all outside dimensions.
When ordering give part number and height desired. Delivery
Please call (909)888-0440.

All parts are shipped in convenient cardboard cartons. All plated and annealed parts are individually packaged to prevent damage in shipping. However, on request we can package to suit any requirement you may have.

If Your Project requires Enclosures with Straight Sides
and no Oil Canning, to ask for information on:


Omega Tool
Deep Drawn Enclosures

308 S. Mountain View
San Bernardino, CA 92408-1415
(909)889-8740 FAX

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