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Nutplates and Cover Hardware

Nutplate Installation
Nutplates can be installed on all round, square and rectangular boxes,
and if matching covers are available they can be provided with
attachment hardware. Nutplates can be installed on the inside or
outside of all cans.

Screws and washers are shipped unassembled.

CAUTION: Due to confined assembly area, use pattern "G" only on all boxes
under 1¾ width.

To Order
Select Omega Box size and trim depth, add nutplate pattern as a suffix.

EXAMPLE: OMT0400-0700-06-0375-H = a box 4.00" x 7.00" trimmed to 3.75"
deep with Omega nutplate Pattern "H".

Ordering information for covers with attachment hardware is the same as
outlined above except substitute the cover number instead of the box.

Remember, to order enclosures and covers you must develop
individual part numbers.
Also, when ordering nutplates, be sure you specify the same
pattern for both the enclosure and cover.

Vertical Dimension - Locate from open end + .030.

Horizontal Dimension - Locate from any inside surface + .030.

NOTE: Screw holes in covers are tapped to captive screws.

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